Poole Town

South West
Southern League Premier South

# 95

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ELO Rating: 1442

Bracknell Town FC

South East
Southern League Premier South

# 83 (2)

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ELO Rating: 1470

Match result probability based on the current ELO rating

Poole Town at home:

Home Win: 38% Draw: 27% Away Win: 35%

Bracknell Town FC at home:

Home Win: 46% Draw: 27% Away Win: 27%

Value 0 on ranking graph, means club was not included in the ranking for that period of time

Matches played

Only matches played while both clubs has been on the Non-league Ranking (Step 1 - 4 since August 2014)

LEA = League, FAC = FA Cup, FAT = FA Trophy

Date Game Home Result Away

No matches registered between these clubs